Union hilltribe and long neck karen village

About Chiang Rai

The northern most province of Thailand ,Covers of 11,879 sq.km. is border by Myenma ( Burma ) and laos . The highway distance from Bangkok to Chiang-Rai via Phaholyothin Road is Approximately 830 km . or approx. 180km. From Chiang-Mai along road No.1019.

Historically Chiang-Rai was founded in 1262 By King Mengrai great whose statue can be seen easily on the way to Maechan. It used to be the capital of Lanna Kingdom and later was conquered by Burma . It was not until 1876 that Chiang-Rai became Thai territory. It was proclaimed a province during the reign of king Rama VII in 1910.

Today Chiang-Rai was famous for the hilltribes, the Golden Triangle, Mae-Sai and Chiang-Saen town.

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About Hilltribe & Long Neck Karen

Hill Tribes, the AHKA,Karen,Longneck, Yao ,Mao, Shan Lisue live here. The Ahka women wear black dresses and headgear richly embroided and decorate with silver coinc, beads and beaten silver jewellery. People are shy and clannish and settle at high attitudes. They often retain animistic convictions and protect their homes with altars,Fertility symbols, totems,etc, to ward off evill spirits. Gradually all the tribes are assimilating Thai culture through trade contact and Education in settlement schools.

Long Neck Karen

The land of the giraffe women as polish explorer Vitold De Golish called it. Lies in eastern Burma plateau Dimpled by terraced, paddy-filled valley. Here lives Padang , atribe of about 7000 membes.

Legend claims that the brass rings protect the women from tiger bites. But actually the practice of waring them helps maintain individual and tribal indentity.

Rings worn on arms and legs may weigh a women Down with and additional 30 pounds of brass. Since leg Coils hamper walking. The women waddle. Constraines from Drinking in the usal head-back position , a ring wearer Leans forward to sip through a straw. And the voices of wearer, wrote British journalist, sound as if they were speaking up the shaft of a well.

About us

This villages were located since 20 yrs. ago. There are 5 hilltribe villages with more than 200 villagers living on this mountain. Akha tribe, Iu Mien(Yao) Tribe, Lahu (Muser) Tribe, Palong(Big earring) tribe and long neck (kayan) tribe. We also have home stay with hilltribe village and activities with them.


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